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    Mini Arctic Blaster

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    Ivory White

    Looking for a way to battle the heat this summer? Check out our mini desktop air cooler! Perfect for small spaces and can be easily placed on top of a desk to keep you fresh and chill during those "Work From Home" days. This device works great for one person, with an adjustable grill for cooling at multiple angles, and two-modes of wind speed. Plus, it can also refresh and humidify the air around you – making it ideal for use in any room in your home. Best of all, its compact size makes it easy to move around, so you can enjoy a cool breeze no matter where you are.  Simply plug it into any USB port and enjoy a relief from the heat. So don't sweat it this summer – our mini desktop air cooler has got you covered!

    Please note: this is NOT an air conditioner - it functions similarly to a swamp cooler and works well for small spaces and if you sit in the direct path of its wind. It is not meant to rapidly cool down the ambient temperature of an entire room. i.e. don't expect your room to become a walk-in fridge. It will however keep you cool and comfortable while the colder air breezes over you


    Product information:
    Power type: USB
    Color: Ivory White
    Rated Power: 25W
    Specification: 167*225 * 120mm
    Operation mode: touch buttons
    Additional functions: humidifier (ice cubes can be placed inside to generate cooling humidifying mist)
    Fan Speed Mode: 2 modes 
    Battery capacity: 1800 mA
    Charging time: 2.5-3H
    Operating time: 1-6 hours on level 1 fan, 3 hours on level 2 fan

    Mini Arctic Blaster