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    The Ultimate Kitty Playkit

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    Hunter kitty's dream playground kit! If you're furry, cute and purr - then this is all you've ever wanted.

    Feathers, check ✅
    Bounces, check 
    Jingles, check ✅

    I mean, what more could a feline need to entertain itself during the waking hours?

    This self-entertaining, interactive toy promises to stimulate your kitty's senses and triggers its natural hunting instinct, ensuring that your cat never gets bored which results in scratching your furniture or destructive behavior. 

    It's 100% as fun as a laser toy but only 10 times more satisfying because your cat can actually grip on and bite onto something!

    The wire rod that attaches to the suction cup is flexible and agile, tensile enough to bounce around the moment your kitty lets go of its "prey". Pick up several different bird type replacements to ensure that your cat has enough variety of "prey" to hunt, or use them as a backup in case your cat bites the bird to death (has happened, trust me 🙈 ).

    Your cat is guaranteed to have loads of fun with this toy, and you'll get to enjoy their funny behaviors when they go crazy trying to catch their "prey". Expect them to go back to play with this again & again!

    Oh and one more thing, the rod detaches from the suction cup, so you can go from using it as a traditional toy to a hands-free in a second!

    Here's a couple secret personal TIPS to get the most out of this toy:

    1) I use the Buzzy Bee attachment the most of all, I've tested quite a few which all work well but I've found that the Buzzy Bee seems to have the most impact on my cats, not sure why but they go absolutely mental and cannot focus on anything else when Buzz comes out to play. Different cats have different bird tastes so experiment with your feline friends!

    2) The suction cup does a good job sticking to the floor but due to the pulling action and biting of the cats, it can sometimes topple over and it will lose the interactive bouncy effect. When that happens, simply wash the suction cup to get rid of dust or loose fur, let it air dry, then stick it again.

    3) In terms of placement, what works best for me - is to stick it onto a wall or pillar or at the window and let it hang downwards - I find that it rarely gets unstuck and works really well. I usually place mine on the wall/pillar next to a window with a light day curtain (has to be somewhat translucent - mine is linen). The curtain is in front of the toy and hides the bait but casts a shadow so the cats can clearly see it from in front of the curtain. The added element of the curtain really adds the steroids to the experience. Test it out for yourself! It works for my kitties! 😻

    The Ultimate Kitty Playkit