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    Smell Buster Deodorizer 🙊

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    Anti-freeze and moisture proof deodorizer. Perfect for busting those odors in your fridge or freezer. Safe to use up until - 30 ℃ or -22F

    Activate with a button and an initial whiff of that "ozone" or "ionizer" sensation and pop it in to enjoy an odor free zone for up to 30 days. Charge it again to keep reusing it sustainably in your household without wastage or ever buying boxes of baking soda again!

    Instructions for dual mode usage:

    1) Double click the button to engage deep deodorization and disinfection cycle. When the light turns red and stays red then the cycle has started. This will last for 48 to 72 hours. If you would like to turn it off - hold down the button for several seconds until the light goes off.

    2) Hold down the button for several seconds to initiate freshness and deodorization cycle. When the red light turns on and slowly blinks, this means 30 day cycle deodorization cycle has begun.

    There is no need to replace the filter.

    To check if the status of the battery - please press the button once and if the light turns solid green for several seconds, the battery is charged. If the green light starts to blink, then please plug it in to charge.

    During charging the green light should be blinking while plugged in. Once the light goes out and is no longer blinking, charging is complete.



    Product Model :CW-B01
    Rated voltage : 5VDC
    Charging Time: 2h
    Battery Capacity :800mah
    Net Weight : About 70g

    Package Content:
    1 x Refrigerator Deodorizer




    Smell Buster Deodorizer 🙊