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    Number #1 Pet Peeve About Pets!

    Number #1 Pet Peeve About Pets!



    Both cats and dogs and every other furball I can think of, are amazing companions. They are affectionate (in their own bizarre ways), cuddly (ok, maybe not all cats are), and just so super cute - they activate the baby speech mode in me (very guilty of this). The one thing that I have to say I don't enjoy - is the amount of FUR that I have flying/lying/sticking around on every article of clothing (esp. black) and piece of furniture that I have. The shedding season is enough to provide me with a full time professional cleaner's job.
    While we all agree that this is annoying, it's also their furry faces with all that hair that gives them the adorable derpy look and this just makes us LOVE them.  What's a pet owner to do?! (Sphynx owners, don't gloat - just be happy you don't have this problem)
    Well, luckily there are SOME things we can do to mitigate the issue:




    Tip #1: iRobot Is Your Latest iFriend 

    In war, what matters most is the strategy, the resources and the weapons. I will lay out the strategy on this page, the resources will have to come from you dear pet owner, last but not least - the weapons (which I will provide)

    A vacuum made especially for pet hair is a way to combat the amount of flying debris in your home (as soon as that settles, whip out your handy cordless vacuum cleaner and go to town). A model that is made to work especially for pet hair will go a long way in helping you win this war. I personally really like the Dyson vacuum cleaners for their incredible suction power and their constant improvements in technology to enable us pet owners to get better and better at cleaning up random fur sediments. 

    As much as I love my Dyson - I really don't have the time to spend hours vacuuming everyday - that's where my iRobot comes in handy. A robot vacuum cleaner will do the nasties so you don't have to. Its scheduled to run regularly to ensure the cleanup happens while you are away at work or busy doing other errands throughout the day. My pets were a little nervous at first but once they got used to it buzzing around - it became a non-event.

    Of course you don't have to go out and buy a Dyson or an iRobot and break bank - they are very pricey buys and there are many alternatives out there that can perform the same tasks. Decide if you want to have a manual or automatic or both. The first is meant to help in the occasional ad-hoc cleanup or a serious deepclean. The second is meant to enable technology in making your life easier and ensure that the place doesn't get too covered in fur and dust. I've linked a comparison/review page for you to read up on which robot is best suited for your budget and needs. 

    Last pointer on this: I've often managed to find older models of these top brands on Facebook's Marketplace or eBay - selling at deep discounts to retail price - those are great budget buys versus the latest brand new model at the store - this could be a way for you to get these brands at a much more affordable price! 

    Tip #2: Brush Your Pet...Then Brush Again. 

    Brushing your cat or dog will drastically reduce the amount of fur in your home. Regular brushing will also leave less fur floaters that will eventually settle on your belongings. If the vacuum cleaners were the bazookas, brushing is your infantry. You need the foot soliders to win this war. Brushing has been proven to reduce shedding. On top of that, it's healthy for your pet too - it helps to maintain a shiny soft coat and massively reduce the amount of hairballs being produced (if you've surprised stepped on one before you know how unpleasant that can be).

    Some pets may be resistant to brushing because they've been handled with the wrong brush before and are afraid to be brushed again. However with the right tool, they will quickly realize how enjoyable and freeing it can be to be rid of all that excess fur! It's like us humans and getting a massage!

    Alright, now you're convinced of the many benefits of brushing your pet, hold on - don't run out to Walmart and buy any old brush. It's important to understand, not all brushes are created the same. It’s crucial that the brush does not have tips that will damage your pet's skin or it will lead to your pet's distrust in grooming sessions - which is exactly the opposite of what we want.

    Our Spa Massage Groomer is designed with your pet's comfort and brushing performance in mind. Grooming has to be done quickly and efficiently in order not to tire your pet out and create a dislike for the habit. That's why we've built in a one click easy clean system that will enable you to brush your pet and complete the session in the shortest time possible. It's lightweight, easy to handle, gentle on their skin and it's angled bristles are able to reach in and grab the loose undercoat that's generally more tricky to fish out with a normal brush.

    Tip #3: You Are What You Eat

    Just like us humans, good nutrition is also important for our fur family. If you feel that your pet is shedding more excessively than normal - it might be an indicator that something is wrong.

    Seasonal shedding is normal. Our pets usually develop a thicker coat in preparation for winter, then shed it again in spring to regulate their body temperature. This type of shedding is normal and necessary. However if your pet sheds excessive amounts that are not usual for the change of the season, or if fur is uneven and patchy - this could be worth a trip to the vet.
    Excessive shedding can be caused by hormone imbalances, stress, sunburn, allergies or parasites/bacteria/fungus. One other cause that is hard to detect and very hard to address is psychological (related to stress but perhaps more deeply rooted) - i.e. perhaps a move, or a part of the human family or pet family that has been separated from them etc. Last but not least - DIET.

    Ensuring a well-rounded diet with good quality protein is very important. Avoid rice, corn and starchy ingredients that are just fillers in pet food. Avoid meat by-products and animal digest if you see those stated in the ingredients. If you can, always try to go with food that have the label Human Grade quality on them - if it's good enough for us - it's good enough for your pet to consume. Those are generally pretty pricey though, so if you are on a budget, just take a look at the ingredients: the most important things are to avoid the things mentioned above, focus on high protein content, fresh veggies and fruits in the ingredients which will promote your pet's overall health and fur coat. Specific minerals that are mentioned in the ingredient list like: omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, zinc, vitamins A and E are also helpful for your pet's coat.

    Fatty acids are found in the oils produced by your pet's skin that contribute to the luster or shininess of a normal healthy coat. Vitamin A helps the skin produce these oils and helps with hair maintenance and growth. Zinc helps hair follicles function properly and also helps make the protein in hair. Vitamin E is important for skin health and helps support hair strength.

       |\__/,|   (`\
     _.|o o  |_   ) )

    So hopefully the above tips help some of you pet owners out there deal with the stress of pet hair shedding and improve yours and your pet's lives. Let me know your thoughts and if you've tried out any of the above tips!

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